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A year today...

Last year, at 0100 hours, we left Australia on a Business Class flight to London. We were so excited about the future and what it would hold. We had planned the initial 7 months already, so we knew where we were going... We just had no idea what it was really going to be like.

Both of us have worked since before we left school. That's over 40 years, but it doesn't mean we were really ready to retire. It was taking some adjustment. Not just to the fact we had nothing we 'had' to do, but to freedom, having nothing but time, not appointments, no meetings, nothing. The most pressing thing for us occurred when we made a reservation in a restaurant, or had a plane/ferry/train to catch. This is not, we have discovered, a good way to be. We need something to get up for every day.

So today I was standing at the edge of a beautiful pool in a beachside resort in Sanur, Bali. It's winter here, but the temperature is @30 degrees, sun is shining, I have the place to myself and it's super peaceful. Before I dive in I realise that I am not ready to retire. A plan starts to formulate, and I dive in...

As I swim, I think I know what I will do next. When I used to car share to, I had an hours drive to work. We took turns driving so the mornings in the back of the car got dull. On the way home we would bitch about our days, so they went quickly. One such morning I typed out the entire outline of a story on my phone. It just popped into my head. I figured I'd do something with it one day. Well, today is the day I start.

I'm not giving any spoilers, as you all know how I procrastinate, but I will say that it has potential for a movie and spin-off series. Lol, I bet every budding writer says that. My only issue after a year of doing sweet FA, is making sure I don't lose momentum. It will be interesting if it ever comes to fruition. I pity any proof reader as I am renowned for not proof reading anything... not even my little blogs. I'm going to sign off right now, sit by the pool and write my first ever book. Fingers crossed I get past the first paragraph. I'll keep you posted...

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