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Burn out - tired of looking for the next place

It gets really tricky finding accommodation as I have mentioned before. But deciding where to go next can be overwhelming as well. Sorry to sound like a spoilt brat, but when you need to find a place that suits - taking in climate, location, walkability, distance to markets and the ability to get there without too much money wastage and finding enough to do - it's quite painful!

Maybe we're not cut out for all of this? Organising travel from place to place comes with a lot to figure out when everything you own has to come with you*. I'll mention luggage again. Why do all airlines not have the same limits, sizes, weights, carry on etc? At least across members of the same loyalty programs it would be useful. We have loads of ideas about this and have some suggestions. One idea is for members of airline loyalty programs to identify beforehand how much they intend to have and it can be apportioned to others who may be carrying less. Of course you'd still need a limit, but limit size and number of items, not the weight. I'm sure there is a genius out there who could whip up a great computer program so everything can be sorted by filling in the details. I know there are holes in that argument, but it's a start.

Other ideas would be that you can pay using miles from your frequent flyer program to cover additional luggage. Some al ready do that, but as a very frequent flyer, it would be great to pay annually for a guaranteed baggage allowance - price dependant on how much you require. Maybe even a ballot system or perhaps people could donate their allowance if they don't require it. Currently, other than paying for an upgrade, our options are services like 'Send my bag', which is a good idea, but overly complicated.

Going back to accommodation... A very trying thing about booking accommodation is the conflicting reviews. My husband had me checking those as well as size of the place, whether or not there is an ironing board and iron, kettle, fridge size, balcony, shower with hot water, decent size bed.... That was too traumatic, so his job now is making the final decision as to which accommodation to choose. I give him up to 5 to chose from and he checks reviews.

One of our horror stories- a flat in 'Chelsea' that wasn't. It offered broken blinds on the three windows, filthy carpets, half eaten food, including a mouldy half eaten wrap left in the fridge, laundry (at least it was clean), broken mirror under the broken bed, a sinking couch, filth, dirt and leftovers everywhere.... Shocking!

The only time we don't really bother too much is if we are doing a side trip. We often have a base then do little mini trips from there. It's a great way to see smaller places and still keep our large luggage at the main accommodation. That's when all try to do it all myself. That recently went slightly pear shaped (although it didn't really matter) when we went to Lembongan and stayed in a delightful place, but there was very little in the surrounding area. As we were only there two nights we made the most of it and still saw all we wanted, but I'll check beach reviews more closely next time. Let's just say, good thing there was a pool to cool of in!

I will use this moment to ask all fellow travellers to make honest, comprehensive reviews and by all means, post new photographs of properties you stay in. How many times have we turned up to find the photos of the property were 20 years old? Honestly, the AirBnb and Booking.coms of the world should ensure these photos are updated at least bi-annually. It's not fair to future customers.

We always try to put honest reviews on. If there are criticisms, we tell the owner direct if possible and word them delicately, but accurately so people are made aware. The only time I have left a harsh one, was when the owner told us we were invading tourists and should have not been so picky. This was in response to asking whether there was an iron and ironing board available, and asked if there was a problem with the hot water and gas as it seemed to have been not working. We didn't mind a cold shower in the heat, but couldn't cook... for three days. Anyway, I was quite eloquent in my response. Nothing like my blog ravings I might add!

We do love leaving a good review, as the hosts for some places can make an ordinary place seem so much better. We have mostly had these fabulous experiences, but one thing we find is that a lot of places have very different ideas about what a black out blind is, or a coffee maker (kettle in most places), or place had a wi-fi booster which was only useable in the spare room as it was the one from the neighbours house.

If you have ever looked at buying or renting a house, you will know what I mean. Glossy jargon and wide lens photographs will likely get you looking at a property, but once you chat with neighbours (or read reviews) you start to notice that it's often smoke and mirrors. For example, an apartment in the centre of Palermo has 'city views' which are actually the neighbours underwear that is hanging on the Juliette balcony across the way. A heritage listed apartment in the entertainment district in Scotland is a drafty creaky mess with single paned windows and surrounded by heaving pubs and a nightclub against your bedroom wall. Yeah, it's fun travelling when things go well!

Again, I sound like I'm complaining. Not at all. It is fun, but a juggle. I just miss having a little apartment of out own to go home and hole up in between the travels. Something with a comfortable bed, proper couch that doesn't sink in the middle, decent kitchen with a coffee machine and big fridge, wonderful shower with good water pressure, fast wi-fi, close to public transport, shops, restaurants with a good sized balcony with a view and not far from the beach..... Oh, wait, that's exactly why we started this journey. To find Utopia!

*I saw everything we own has to come with us, but what I failed to mention is my love of shopping. I keep trying to throw things out, or better yet, give things away, but I always replace them. How my lovely husband puts up with me, I'll never know! When it comes to luggage, I'm the problem, not the airlines :)

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