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Sicily in words and pictures

As I find new photos, I may well end up adding to this. I have photos on my phone and my camera, so as I get sorted I'll find more to add. Apologies if I have repeated any photos :)

Some photos of an Underground tour in Catania. We saw lava tubes and old hidden churches. Pretty good but would have been better if we ended up on an English speaking tour :D

The sweetest shots of a man feeding the church cats. Warmed my heart.

Ortiga. Beautiful place. Shame it's so expensive as I think I could potentially live there. Photos left to right, top to bottom: 1) We checked out an underground Roman ruin. It was under a glass floor in a restaurant. Pretty cool. 2) There are ruins everywhere, and the ruins of Tempio di Apollo are no exception. 3) Slumming it at Piazza Archimede Caffe. 4) One of the cute, tiny ways to get around on the Island. 5) Once again, the Piazza Duomo (by the way, you should be able to click on each image to see the entire image). 6) The view through one of the many windows at Castello Maniace. I will find more on this as it was incredible.

As Martin doesn't let me cook, I do the odd cooking class. They are a wonderful way to meet people from all over the place and learn some secrets. I now know how to make pasta!

The Sicilian Coastline from Taormina to Punta Secca and Palermo to Cefalu.

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