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The Path to Utopia, with some travel tips!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Welcome to Finding Utopia - our journey.

This is the story about the journey my husband and I are taking to find our happy place to retire. I'll talk about the trials and tribulations of getting the plan off the ground to actually achieving it. We will speak about the issues we find along the way and offer some tips that we wished we knew about. Hope you find it fun and inspirational!

This is my first time doing a blog. Along the way I hope to find a way of expressing myself since our new choice of life doesn't allow me to be creative in the way I could be when I had a home!

As we embark on a journey to find our Utopia, we will be filling in the wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) aspects of travelling without the apparent strings you have when only leaving your life behind temporarily. I'll be filling you in on what it's really like to tell people your plan and be met with "Oh, you're so lucky!" Yes, we are lucky to be doing this so young, but so far it has been really hard, traumatic work! A couple of months in and we are still suffering the affects of stress... We didn't know anyone who had done this, so we couldn't ask for tips.

When I had a home, I would deal with stress by painting furniture, sewing, going for a skate or hanging out in my front yard, watching the world go by. That's not possible when you don't have a yard or a place to do these things in! Having said that, I'm up for the challenge and I will endeavour to make this story a fun one.

I hope our journey is informative and offers you the travel tips for you when you find your Utopia!

Just to let you in on a secret... as I write this, I'm in Italy. I'm trying to catch you all up, but things keep happening. I have a new blog coming about AirBnb... we have made some mistakes! Not so funny when it happens, but afterwards we can (usually) laugh about it. Watch this space...

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